Some of the project's most exalted praise comes from partners who are helping us to achieve The American Graduate mission and goals.


Zack Richardson

Zack Richardson has worked to prepare students for success through his Character Center. After partnering with WFSU in our American Graduate initiative, Zack became aware of graduation statistics for high school students. This inspired him to focus not just on improving character and motivation, but to help kids tackle their performance on the ACT college entrance exam.

Zack Richardson tells us how WFSU's American Graduate initiative redirected his career.

Julie Lawson

Julie Lawson is the Dean of Students at the Success Academy, a second chance school in Leon County. Her students face many challenges on the road to graduation, and Julie works tirelessly to make them earn their diplomas. Julie tells us about how WFSU helps her do her job, from exposing students to career paths, to college scholarships, to sharing students' stories on radio and television.

Julie Lawson tells us why WFSU is the Leon County Success Academy's top community partner.



WFSU is helping kids graduate from high school. You can make a difference.




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In 2012 WFSU produced a local documentary exploring the challenges of increasing graduation rates and preparing students for careers. View "The Graduation Gateway."

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