Success Academy Graduates 2013

Since 2011, through the American Graduate program, WFSU has been working with students at the Success Academy at Ghazvini Learning Center. The Success Academy is a blended learning curriculum where students work online and with a teacher to catch up and ensure graduation.

Schools like the Success Academy provide a necessary alternative for some students to find a path to graduation. Students have the opportunity to participate in a leadership program and in monthly professional networking lunches to learn from community leaders about future career possibilities. In May of 2013, thirty-two students earned a high school diploma through this program.



Success Academy: An Alternative Path to Graduation Success

WFSU has partnered with the Success Academy to address graduation rates in Leon County. Principal Joe Pons and Vice Principal Julie Lawson speak with Kim Kelling Engstrom about the second chance school helping kids to catch up on their high school credits after falling behind.



Success Academy Graduates 2014

For a second year, we speak with twelve seniors about to graduate from the Success Academy. Each has had different challenges to overcome on their path to graduation. We also discuss with these students their aspirations for after graduation. 



Success Academy Vice Principal Julie Lawson

Through graduation videos and WFSU-FM's Voice from the Classroom, WFSU has given a voice to Success Academy from varied backgrounds with diverse challenges. WFSU has also invested in the future of these student by hosting montly career luncheons and endowing scholarship for select students to attend Tallahassee Community College.



Success Academy 2015/2016 Part 1: Aspirations

Throughout the 2015-2016 school year WFSU will follow three seniors as they work towards graduation. In this video we meet the students: James Fuse, Johnny Davis, and Alyssa Hodges. The students explain why Success Academy is a better alternative for their education.



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In 2012 WFSU produced a local documentary exploring the challenges of increasing graduation rates and preparing students for careers. View "The Graduation Gateway."

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